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BIWIN – A Win-Win situation for both our customers and ourselves.

www.BIWIN.com.cn – BIWIN’s corporate website in Chinese.

Corporate Overview

Founded in 1995 as an electronics manufacturer in the Chinese city-cum-manufacturing metropolis Shenzhen, BIWIN specializes in producing flash storage products such as solid state drives, compact flash cards and embedded memory chips. With 18 years’ industry expertise and a strong team of more than 150 skilled engineers, BIWIN develops its leading edge flash storage products completely in-house; solution designing, wafer packaging, integrated circuit (IC) testing, surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly, and product testing. Manufacturing adheres to strict global standards to ensure consistently high quality products.

The Brand

BIWIN are working hard to achieve a brand that will become a household name and prove that it is synonymous with high quality and high performance products, enabling their dream to come to fruition. Through better awareness and tangible consumer satisfaction, BIWIN will excel and demonstrate to other industry leaders that they are competing with a formidable company that has already been established in Asia for quite some time. The introduction to the Western consumer is a natural progression for a business as successful as BIWIN.

The Market

BIWIN’s original target market was OEM, providing components to companies who would incorporate them into their own products and sell them to consumers. Now, BIWIN’s SSD-based products are offered directly to the consumer through this website. The company also produces industrial-level equipment used in servers, enabling massive performance gains compared to consumer-level drives.


The factory in Shenzhen employs thousands of people who represent the foundation of BIWIN production, and are the life-givers of so many technological wonders that are made here. The 11,000 square-metre premises is the home of state-of-the-art machines that guarantee high quality manufacturing and whose products are tested under all conditions, such as extreme temperatures, vibration and shock, ageing, and power-failure, to ensure the best product possible.

BIWIN is capable of manufacturing over 140,000 units per month and has a short lead-time and low defect rate.

The Products

BIWIN manufactures an array of SSD-based products aimed at industrial, business, and consumer levels. At industrial-level, the drives are able to be operated at extreme temperatures, in some cases as low as minus 250°C and as high as 85°C, to enable them to be operated in industrial scenarios such as air-conditioned data-centers where lower temperatures equates to high performance; less heat dissipation is more efficient at the electronic component level.

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BIWIN Awards:

The BIWIN independent development embedded SSD – eSSD was awarded
as the Outstanding Exhibition Product in 8th China International Semiconductor Expo.
BIWIN SSD has won Editor’s Choice Award.
BIWIN SSD has won The Best SSD Award.
This is  to certify that BIWIN Elite C8302 was awarded recommend product of the ear.
Which status follwing a strict selection proecess by the editors of ZOL.COM.CN.
BIWIN SSD has won Editor’s Choice Award.
BIWIN SSD has won The Best Cost & Performance Award.
BIWIN SSD has won The Editor’s Recommandation Award.
BIWIN SSD has won The High Cost & Performance Award.
BIWIN SSD has won The Best Cost & Performance Award.
BIWIN SSD has won The Editor’s Recommandation Award.
BIWIN SSD has won The Editor’s Recommandation Award.